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ATS AC Voltage Sensor (0-120 VAC)
ATS AC Voltage Sensor (0-120 VAC)

ATS AC Voltage Sensor (0-120 VAC)

Your Price: $179.00
Voltage Range of 0-120VAC
Part Number: PR52-13
Availability: Ships in 7-10 days


  • Industrial Grade Wireless AC Voltage Sensor (RMS output)
  • 24-bit Output with a Voltage Range of 0-120VAC
  • Auto Time Delay Based Data Sample Transmission
  • User-Configured Voltage Change Detection
  • Configurable Voltage Change Detection Limits
  • Configurable Voltage Sensor Calibration Over Wireless Link
  • 2 Mile Line-of-Sight Range with On-Board Antenna
  • Superior LOS Range of up to 28 Miles with High-Gain Antennas
  • Interface to Raspberry Pi, Microsoft® Azure®, Losant and More
  • Example Software for Visual Studio and LabVIEW®
  • Wireless Mesh Networking using DigiMesh®
  • Open Communication Protocol for Easy Software Integration
  • Small 3? x 3? Form Factor Wireless AC Voltage Meter
  • Power-Efficient Sleep Mode, Up to 10 Year Battery Life
    • User Configurable Sleep duration
    • Up to 500,000 Transmissions from 2 AA Batteries
  • Includes Battery Level with Every Transmission
  • Validates and Retries Lost Communication Packets