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ATS' Online Store - Better Than Ever!

Posted by Administrator on 9/3/2013 to Panelmate News

We’re at it again. The ATS online store continues to evolve. To get the results we wanted, we are now running the store with entirely new software.  The biggest difference you will notice is checkout speed. No longer will you need to click multiple times to checkout. With our new software, you’ll click once and be done.

Are you curious about the benefits and how these improvements can help? Here’s a snap shot:

As a signed in and registered user, you will see the list price, your savings based on your company’s multiplier and the cost to purchase all conveniently on the same page as the product’s picture.

Improved Search Capabilities:  Now anytime you search a model number you will see the related accessories or component parts that may be useful. You will continue to see options for purchasing new, repair and refurbished units when we have them in stock.

Detail, Detail, Detail: The specifications associated with each part can now be accessed by clicking on the individual components you’re interested in seeing.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Check out our improved accessories section to see all the available component parts complete with newly added images.

Click on our OEM page and you’ll see many of the OEM’s we repair. Click any logo and you’ll find the thousands of parts we repair. Or better yet enter an exact part number to get the pricing information you need. Plus, you’ll now have the ability to chat live with our online store manager, Annie Wolbeck. Click the chat button simply to say hi or pass along a part number, and she’ll do the rest.

ATS is committed to making your PanelMate distribution more successful than ever:

Competitive pricing and 18-month warranty on new products

The Best Customer Support in the Business—online or on the phone 24/7

As a reminder, the .80 multiplier we extend on PanelMate repairs is extended to any repair you send into ATS.

OEM Repairs PLUS One-Year In-Service & Five-Year Shelf-Life Warranty

Jim Egan | PanelMate Product Manager
Advanced Technology Services, Inc.
Mobile: (847) 849-9663
Email: jegan@advancedtech.com