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ATS Provides CRT to LCD Upgrades

Posted by Administrator on 9/24/2013 to Panelmate News
Many older industrial displays, terminals, HMI and industrial computers are fitted with the anitquated glass picture-tube CRT display.

Repair parts for CRTs are becoming obsolete, and OEM replacement CRT displays are very costly. 

ATS can convert your old CRT display to an LCD flat-screen display. 

Below are some reasons why you should consider an LCD upgrade for your current CRT display: 

• OEM replacement CRT displays are much more costly than an LCD upgrade 
• ATS modifies your original chassis for easy, drop-in installation
• LCDs weigh a fraction of a CRT making installation easier
• LCDs generate less heat and have lower power consumption 
• LCDs provide a sharper and clearer picture and therefore are easier to read 

If your CRT display has a built-in logic, ATS will also provide:

• Backup your system program and store it at ATS for future recovery
• Replace the memory backup battery
• When possible, replace mechanical hard-drives with solid state hard-drives