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Danner - Women's Run Time - 3
Danner - Women's Run Time - 3' Teal Composite Toe (NMT)

Danner - Women's Run Time - 3" Teal Composite Toe (NMT)

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3" Teal Composite Toe (NMT)
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We know the temptation to wear sneakers for the comfort they provide, but the lack of safety features isn’t worth the risk. The Run Time helps close that gap once and for all. Because durability is core to our approach in footwear, we wanted to ensure the Run Time brings the lightweight benefits of a sneaker, with the durability and safety of a boot. Built on a Plyolite midsole, similar to what we use in our hiking boots, the Run Time has the comfort of an EVA sneaker with much greater longevity. For secure footing every day, we used an oil-and-slip resistant rubber outsole with low lugs for maximum surface area contact. The Run Time saves weight with an upper built from 100% synthetic materials and a composite safety toe as opposed to heavier steel. With all-day comfort and Danner's durable craftsmanship, the Run Time is all you'll need the next time you clock in for the long haul.