ATS keeps your motor drives up and running. One of the hardest working parts in the industry, the motor drive is vulnerable to heat and power surges. Our team has the ability to identify high failure rate components and through research determine a suitable replacement to prolong the life of a part.

ATS’ commitment to setting the industry standard for motor drive repairs has resulted in the development of wide range of repair and testing capabilities. With today’s emphasis on energy efficiency, motor drives have taken on a more important role.

Having your motor drive operating optimally is critical to machine functionality and helps extend equipment life. All drives are disassembled and given a thorough visual and electrical inspection to ensure there has been no catastrophic failure and to determine the appropriate repair process.

Our world-class service centers are equipped to load drives with a large variety of motors up to 500 horsepower. After identifying and replacing defective components, motor drives are powered up and loaded with the corresponding motor. The units are cycled at various speeds to identify any further damage. The drives are then “burned in” for extended periods to ensure there are no further failures.

We give you the assurance that your motor drive will work when you pull it from your parts crib. That is our guarantee, and that’s when our one-year in-service warranty begins.

Motor Drive Repair Services: 
• 24/7 live customer service
• Board and whole-unit repair
• Exchange units available
• Expert engineering
• New spare parts
• One-year warranty
• Refurbished spare parts
• Technical support

Motor Drive Product List: 
• AC and DC drives 
• Dynamic brakes
• Electronic brakes
• Invertors
• Motor controllers
• Motor starters
• Power poles
• SCR controllers
• Servo and Stepper drives
• Speed controllers
• Variable frequency drives (VFD)

ATS repairs motor drives from over 200 OEMs including:
• Allen Bradley 
• Cutler Hammer 
• Danfoss 
• Fanuc 
• Gettys 
• Gould 
• Indramat 
• Inland 
• Moog 
• Num 
• Reliance Electric 
• Siemens 
• Toshiba 
• Westinghouse 
• Yaskawa

At ATS, our customer support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year,with access to the service and technical resources required to respond to your needs. Give us a call at 800.328.7287.