ATS' Servo Motor experts offer a complete overhaul of your motor

Advanced Technology Services (ATS) offers our customers a one-stop repair and rebuild source for AC and DC Servo Motors, Spindle Motors, vector and many other specialized motors.  Motors sent to ATS are first evaluated and inspected for the level of repair needed.  ATS staffs technicians with capabilities to accommodate complete reconditioning and rewind of motors.

At ATS, servo motors are tested by connecting them to a dedicated drive system or a simulated system test.  The motor is run at several speeds, stopped and reversed.  The windings are meggered and surge tested and all mechanical fits are measured and checked for tolerances.  Critical parameters such as vibration, temperature, drive current, and noise are continuously monitored and recorded.  If the servo is equipped with a brake, it is engaged and the holding torque is checked.  All rewinding, shaft balancing, and machining are done on-site as is feedback device repair and alignment.  Every repair is covered by our one year in service and 5 year shelf warranty and is accompanied by our service report.  

    OEMs Include:
   ATS Motor Repair Services:
     Allen Bradley    Assembly and painting
     Baldor    Bearing replacement
     Control Techniques    Brush holder replacement
     Fanuc    Connector replacement
     Indramat    Connector replacement
    Kollmorgen    Detailed test reporting
    Moog    Disassembly, washing, oven drying
    Reliance Electric    Encoder repair and testing
    Siemens    Class H insulation used in all rewinds